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Dad Jan (50) and son Enrico (23) are refined by many years of experience in pigeon racing. From his teenager years already Jan formed a partnership with his father Hendrik, from 1994 on also the fourth generation of Doldersum (Enrico) was caught by the pigeon bacteria. Mother Trudy is the driving spirit behind the scenes, she takes care of business when the men are of to work. A family therefore all born with a pigeon in their heart!!

From 1998 the accommodation of the Doldersum family is housed at the present address in Almelo, winning top position was not easy there the first years. But after the front of the loft was faced a bit more north, the partnership managed to perform a lot better on a frequent base. Very important in this was of course the family of pigeons taking shape as it now is. A strain that is capable of excelling on races from 100 until 700 km, with all types of weather.

Two golden Van Rijn cocks from 1998 are of high importance for the forming of the present strain. They are the ‘456’ and the ‘466’, both coming from Henry van der Kemp from Almelo. Until 2002 the 456 already won 57 prize cards and appeared to be a splendid breeder afterwards. The 466 was no top performer on the races; as breeding cock however his qualities are without a doubt. In most Doldersum pigeons still the lines of these two superstars are interwoven.

At the partnership Spin-Wiggeman from Onna some top class pigeons were purchased that obtained an important spot within the pigeon-family of Doldersum. Almost all these pigeons descend from the old Janssen lines of ‘Geeloger’ and the ‘Vossen’; legendary names that already created a furore for themselves. The lofts in Almelo give shelter to a/o a sister to ‘Carolien’ (1st NPO Sourdun 11,450 b. – 1st Minderhout 12,748 b.) and ‘Boxtelman’ (1st old bird Western European Nations Cup, 1st acebird super short distance in combine and 3x 1st prize) and children to ‘Asduifje’ (1st acebird old combine). Toppers that already produced fabulous offspring for Doldersum!  

Super lines that also earned a spot within the strain are off course those of Andres Janssen from Ulestraten; the breeder of the super racers ‘Blauwe Andres’ and ‘Kras Andres’. In 2003 Enrico went to Andres and took home 5 pigeons from him of which two toppers amongst them: a good average. These pigeons are cast in the same mould as Lindelauf (Vijlen) and as Quadackers. Meanwhile the Doldersums purchased more pigeon from Andres to reinforce their breeding colony.

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