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Rising star in Dutch Pigeon Racing is that of Jan and Enrico Doldersum from Almelo. With splendid performances they rush to the top of East-Holland by the speed of light. And even the National top already, because in 2005 their super cockbird ‘De Blauwe Andres’ was crowned 6th National acebird short distance WHZB. Father Jan, mother Trudy and son Enrico managed to combine years of experience, female flexibility and youthful impetuousness into a success formula with a/o the following superior results in 2005:

1st short distance champion Combine (1,100 members)
1st speed champion Combine
1st acebird short distance Combine
1st acebird short distance Limburgia Cup
2nd short distance champion (nominated) Combine
3rd young bird champion Combine
6th National acebird short distance

In 2005 they won in their Fed (CC Almelo) against an average of 2,500 birds 3x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd and a total of 17 Top 10 positions. A magnificent performance of the fanciers cherishing principles as dedication and corporation … but also fanciers with a loft filled with pigeons of unequalled class! Based on descendants of two supreme Van Rijn-Meeder cocks replenished with Janssen pigeons through Spin-Wiggeman. This base combined to bloodlines from other icon of pigeon racing led to a family of pigeons capable of excelling on races from 100 until 700 km. On this website we are proud to present the partnership J. Doldersum & Son, the sensation of 2005 and the champions of the future!!

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